How Can We Help You?

I have a specific problem or a feature request — how can I talk to you?

You can reach out to us via e-mail. But please note that we might need a bit longer to reply. You may also look at our support articles.

Can I test a Gorilla product before I buy it?

Yes, you can. Most block chains offer mirror networks called testnets. You can start right away, e.g. setting up a Bazaar shop on the NEAR Testnet. But Please note that while you can poke around as much as you like, you cannot transfer anything over to the Mainnet. Feel free to check out all the features — but don't put in too much work.

How do you handle my data, what is your refund policy, etc.?

Yeah, we get you: the legal bit. We take that very seriously. That’s why our lawyers prepared complete, yet easy-to-read, policies for us: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These should answer your questions.

What is Bazaar?

Bazaar is a powerful store front and inventory manager to sell NFTs. Imagine maybe a light version of Shopify — but with Web3 innovation built in. You can unleash the full power of smart contracts by turning your NFTs into event tickets, memberships, coupons or access tokens. All from within an easy-to-use interface, no coding skill required. Fully customized colors and images to match your brand. Imagine the possibilities!

What is Forum?

Forum is an easy-to-use manager for your crypto vaults, built on top of Polygon and the Enzyme protocol. You will be able to quickly set up a fully customizable website with Forum’s powerful page builder — no coding skills required! Use smart built-in widgets like real-time charts to give your vault the website it deserves.

What is Automat?

Automat is an NFT batch-minting tool. Minting and listing NFTs can be a frustrating process. You need quite some technical knowledge, you can only mint one NFT at a time and plenty of things can irreversibly go wrong. Which is annoying since minting costs money as well. This is why we created Automat. At its core is a step-by-step process to mint multiple NFTs in a single batch. It is almost fail-safe and requires zero conding skills.

What is Unikat?

Unikat is a Figma-plugin which helps you create sets of generative artworks. Figma is a free drawing software, mostly for UI design, but many digital illustrators love to use it, too. You can just draw sets of traits, e.g. patterns, colors or even character traits like eyes, hair, glasses, etc. and run Unikat to randomly pick and combine traits into a number of artworks. It’s really fun and we created a demo file as well so you can play around with Unikat right away! The best thing: you need no coding skills! Plus, you can define rarity per trait and even export metadata in JSON format!