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Introducing the Gorilla App Suite

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Jakob Sievers CEO & Founder

March 9, 2023

Today I am pretty happy. Around nine months ago, we at Gorilla had the idea that if NFTs go mainstream, we must make it easy. And not just one part. The whole user journey has to be easy.

This is the start of an article series that explains what we have achieved and why I am so proud of this and my team. And we will share the roadmap — with our vision for the next month.

How It Started

My team came together nine months ago. Our goal was to give everyone out there an easy way to launch their own NFT collection. We determined three steps:

  1. You need a tool that helps you to generate your collections easily.
  2. You need a tool that helps you to batch-mint and list these collections.
  3. You need a tool to present your collection.

So yeah … we went to work and developed these very tools. And now our app suite is finally ready!

How It’s Going: Meet the Gorilla App Suite

  • Unikat is a tool that helps you to generate your collections. It’s a Figma-Plugin and chances are that your designer already uses Figma. This makes creating collections easy without losing the ability to adjust and tweak artworks. Find more about it in this post.
  • Automat is our batch-minting tool. Just upload your zipped artwork with your JSON-File, and within minutes, your collection is minted and listed on Mintbase. Read more about it in this post.
  • Bazaar is our mightiest tool. With Bazaar, you can create fully customized storefronts for any shop on Mintbase. Apply your very own branding and stand out from the crowd!

What’s Next?

We cannot help you to design your collection. But that’s all that you need to do. Let Unikat, Automat, and Bazaar do the rest.

And check out our AMAs to learn how it all works and why you don’t need a developer anymore to get started. Learn how the exciting project BeeTogether is leveraging Web3 to help awesome projects to get funding with Web3 technology. You can find all dates to the three sessions in the news post.

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