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Jakob Sievers CEO & Founder

May 9, 2023

We are proud to officially introduce, a more comprehensive entry point to our products. As we have finally completed our minimal version of our blockchain toolchain, it is time to change our domain to an understanding that better suits our goals.

Our newly acquired domain, features all the tools we have created to make your life easier. We aim to help you start selling token-based products as quickly as possible.

We want to take away the difficulties you experience when trying to start in this new space, and therefore, we designed our landing page in a new way so that every user can easily understand how our products can help you.

So our landing page features our blockchain toolchain:

  • Unikat is a free Figma Plugin that helps you start your collection. The first part of creating a collection of digital collectibles is making your artwork. If you want to create generative art - Unikat is the tool for you. Check it out here.
  • Automat is our Batch-Minting tool. And we will make Automat into the batch-minting tool for token-based digital products in the NEAR ecosystem. So it has to be as user-friendly and feature-rich as possible. And we are on an excellent way, too.
  • Bazaar is the mightiest tool in our blockchain toolchain. Bazaar enables you to deploy your storefront to your Mintbase Store in minutes. Bazaar will be the tool for you to build and help you establish your brand in the web3 ecosystem. You can now use Bazaar to set up your web presence for your digital collectibles and customize it for your needs. You can add token- and membership-gated pages only accessible with the correct token. If you want to build your web3 Only-Fans-like web page — no problem! Suppose you’re going to sell your membership-gated coding tutorials — no problem. Do you want to write articles accessible behind a token paywall? Just do it. That’s the power of Bazaar.

Build whatever you want. That’s why we have chosen:

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