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Gorilla’s awesome batch-minting tool arrived

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Jakob Sievers CEO & Founder

March 17, 2023

Today we present to you the newest addition to the Gorilla apps family! We are officially releasing the Alpha version of our batch-minting-tool Automat which will provide an easy solution to mint and list collections just by uploading a well formed zip-File. This will make it easier to mint thousands of NFTs on Mintbase just with a few clicks.

We deployed Automat to the Mainnet today — this is the official start of our Alpha-Launch. The Alpha-Launch is restricted to 250 tokens. You can mint 1 NFT 250 times or 250 NFTs with 1 copy each. We will monitor everything closely to ensure a smooth experience and gradually reduce the token restriction over the course of the next couple weeks.

The Automat icon
The Automat icon

What is Automat?

So how exactly does the Automat work and how can you use it?

The app consist of two parts: an open API and a User Interface. The API will be open for everyone to use and the User Interface will easily be addable into your own project. The User Interface will be whitelabeled which means it can be easily customized by everyone who wants to include it into their DApps to provide additional function.

And last but not least, Automat is designed to work seemlessly with Gorilla’s Figma plug-in Unikat.

What’s more to come?

In the upcoming releases, Automat will make minting of batches and performing batch transactions (e.g. transferring or airdropping NFTs) even easier than it does now.

Now, let’s sum it up by looking into our ecosystem fit.

Where and how does our project fit into the ecosystem?

Automat is a useful tool to help all projects that want to work with larger amounts of NFTs, which makes it incredibly helpful for creators of NFT collections.

Who is our target audience?

We target Mintbase users that want to leverage Mintbase for minting collections or bigger amounts of NFTs.

What need(s) does our project meet?

The API and the User Interface targets Mintbase Store owners that want to produce NFTs in larger amounts as they want to mint collections of unikats or thousands of NFTs.

Are there any other projects similar to ours in the Mintbase / NEAR ecosystem?

As Automat is designed to work in connection with our Figma plugin Unikat, there is no similar project out there at the moment.

Automat works for everyone

As you can see, we will make it possible for anyone to mint an NFT collection with a few clicks and without writing a single line of code. Automat works best in combination with Unikat as it closes the gap between Unikat and our shop solution Bazaar:

Now you can create an NFT collection with Unikat, mint it with Automat and publish it on your unique website with the help of Bazaar! Starting today on our Mainnet.

Get Started!

Check out Automat (Alpha) — now on the Mainnet!

And: Thank you Mintbase!

Lastly we are thankful for Mintbase’s trust in us and we are proud to bring web3 to the masses.

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