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Our No-Code App Builder for Enzyme Protocol Vault Manager

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Jakob Sievers CEO & Founder

August 30, 2023

Gorilla proudly presents the alpha version of our innovative Vault Page Builder Forum. Designed for Vault Managers on the Enzyme Protocol, our goal is to empower you to craft your personal Vault Pages in just 5 minutes.

Special Announcement

We’ve proposed a collaboration with the Enzyme Council. In return for their support, we’re aiming to continuously enhance our software, extend compatibility to Ethereum Vaults and Develop a WordPress Plugin. Bonus: We plan to offer our service for free to MLN holders, easing the vault infrastructure setup by eliminating the need for custom website development. Discover what’s possible with Forum:

Example One

FemDefi showcases a sleek and intuitive user interface, emphasizing clear navigation options like “Home,” “Blog,” “Our Vaults,” and “Member Area.” Additionally, interactive elements such as the “Connect Wallet” button, dynamic fund performance graphs, and an informative pie chart for asset allocation enhance user engagement and provide essential insights at a glance.

Example Two

CryptoFund exudes a modern aesthetic with its light theme, emphasizing clean design principles and a harmonious color palette. The meticulous layout, combined with well-spaced elements and intuitive navigation, showcases a design that prioritizes user experience, making it both visually appealing and user-friendly.

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