Meet the Troop!

These are the humans behind Gorilla:

An avatar or portait of jakob


CEO & Founder


Jakob is driven by his deep passion for technology and its positive impact on the future. That’s why he ditched his cozy and safe job as a teacher to become a tech company founder instead.

Imagine him as a fine blend of gorilla-wrangling physical fitness (well … almost), combined with truly honest cheerfulness and topped with the leadership ethics of a Starfleet captain.

He will also beat you on water ski at any time. Or at go carts. Or sci-fi trivia.

An avatar or portait of sascha




Sascha started building websites in 2012, is developing for a living since 2015. Started with “classic” WordPress Websites but nowadays he is all into the JAM-Stack. Also pretty enthusiastic about cloud computing, especially with AWS.

An avatar or portait of tobias




If you ever find yourself in the situation of building a biblical tower of source code and you fear the project to collapse — fear not! Unlike the cursed architects of Babel, Tobi is among the few mortals who are fluent in almost all digital tongues!

Heathen jokes aside, Tobi is indeed a very efficient autodidact who would never be satisfied with surface-level comprehension. He digs deep in search for the root of any problem. This gives him the advantage to seamlessly switch between front- and back-end and all the different concepts and languages involved. You can say his focus discipline is interdisciplinarity.

Like true Goths, Tobi does not dance. However, there are rumors his buttery voice once won him a Barry White karaoke contest.

An avatar or portait of aymie


Product Manager


Hailing from the land of elonged bread and superbe whine, Aymie is a true connoisseur of fine cuisine. And as we know from Gordon Ramsay’s rants, every top kitchen needs flawless organization! Or it goes to hell indeed.

Unlike television chefs, Aymie never loses her cool. It is her very talent to empathically connect people and bring order into chaos — in a way that feels natural rather than forced-upon. This is precisely why she is in charge of product management at Gorilla!

When she is not wrangling tickets or taming Gantt charts, there is a good chance you find Aymie dining at the best restaurant in town. Or teaching Saarland locals, like Sascha, how to properly speak their dialect.

An avatar or portait of valentin


Systems & Security


Valentin is a phantom. Only little is known about this mighty spectre in Gorilla’s server room. But you cannot defeat what you cannot see. So it makes sense to have him in task of security and critical technical infrastructure.

However, if you look into a mirror and whisper sudo three times, chances are you might catch a short glimpse of Valentin. Unfortunately by then, he might already have injected his source code into your cerebral mainframe. Abort!